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Past events

05/29/2024 FMCSA Registration Modernization Stakeholder Day II
05/29/2024 Next-Stop Event Educational Event Series
05/14/2024 Clean Truck Check-Vehicle Inspection System Reporting Training Webinar Feature Updates and Testing Overview
05/14/2024 CVSA’s International Roadcheck Is Scheduled for May 14-16
04/25/2024 Clean Truck Check-Vehicle Inspection System Reporting Training Webinar Feature Updates and Testing Overview
12/18/2023 Clean Truck Check, Vehicle Inspection System (CTC-VIS) Reporting Walkthrough
08/22/2023 Advanced Clean Fleets Workshop
05/09/2023 Next-Stop to Zero - Breakout Session Getting Started and ZEV 101
05/02/2023 Compliance & Safety Training Lunch In
11/03/2022 CARB Webinar: Heavy Duty Inspection & Maintenance Training
09/13/2022 Free Seminar for the Trucking/Motor Carrier Industry
08/25/2022 Air Regulatory Overview for Public Agencies in California
07/28/2022 CARB “Virtual” Listening Session Zero-Emission Trucks – How Do We Get There?
07/20/2022 Compliance Overview: Truck & Bus Rule, Off-Road Regulation, and Portable Equipment
07/18/2022 Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Operation & Maintenance
07/14/2022 Large Spark Ignition (LSI) Fleet Regulation ( CARB Zoom)
04/15/2022 American Trucking Show
12/09/2021 CARB consideration of heavy-duty inspection/maintenance
11/17/2021 Join us to Welcome New NAPTA Vendor Members.
05/27/2021 Evening Meeting - Heavy-Duty Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance (HD I/M) Program Public Workshop to Discuss Program Concepts and Potential Compliance Assistance Mechanisms for Small Fleets: May 27, 2021
05/14/2020 California Capitol Building in Support of Trucker’s Rights
11/18/2019 AB 5 Discussion
11/08/2019 ELD Deadline Dec 16th, 2019
09/08/2019 Bay Area District Meeting
07/31/2019 NAPTA Northern Valley District Meeting
05/23/2019 Central Valley Follow Up meeting
05/16/2019 Delta District Carrier Meeting
05/15/2019 Central Valley Carriers Meeting
09/14/2018 Second Public Listening Session: Hours of Service
08/29/2018 Northern Valley District Meeting
08/11/2018 Southern Valley District Meeting
07/25/2018 Central Valley District Meeting
07/18/2018 Delta District Meeting
06/22/2018 Field Meeting

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